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    Basil leaves


    Basil leaves

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    Basil is originated in India, but in antiquity was transferred to Europe where it became very popular in the Mediterranean basin, while in Greece was brought by Alexander the Great. Mashed basil leaves were traditionally used for the treatment of insect or snake pinching - biting. The basil tea helps digestion and soothes the gut. Our tradition says that after the baby is born "women chew basil leaves to increase the production of breast milk" and that the "faint" to cooking basil heals the pain in the ears.


    Basil is good diuretic, soothes the stomach ache and headache. The most common uses is to improve blood circulation, helps headaches, has antispasmodic properties, is ideal for memory problems and finally improves wrinkles. As it is tonic, basil is used in renal diseases, in mental exhaustion and the adrenal cortex. For the weak memory, melancholy and nervous pains drink a cup of tea drink every night. The anticonvulsant properties exempt us from anxiety, nervous insomnia, dizziness and cough of pertussis. It is antispasmodic for poor digestion, constipation, gastritis and intestinal disorders. It is emmenagogue and relieves flatulence.

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